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December 15, 2017

Idaho Power


Prepared for: Roberta Rene, Idaho Power

Prepared by: REDFOX VISUAL

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Proposal Contents

1. Project Summary

2. Project Timeline

3. Why Choose REDFOX VISUAL?

4. Relevant Content

5. Our Process

6. Production Investment

7. Next Steps

1. Project Summary

Idaho Power will commission REDFOX VISUAL to produce 6 "Site Visit" videos for economic development purposes. The goal of the site visit videos will be to convey the look, location, and features of each site remotely without the typical "boots on the ground" visits. The videos will provide an easier, more elegant opportunity for Idaho Power to expose these sites for potential development. 

Videos will consist of:

1. Aerial cinematography shot at each of the following site locations:

  • Ontario, Oregon – 200 acres

  • Ontario, Oregon – 75.3 acres

  • Boise, Idaho – 1253 acres

  • Jerome, Idaho – 94 acres

  • Twin Falls, Idaho – 234.8 acres

  • Pocatello, Idaho – 669.4 acres

2. Motion graphics, animations, and overlays outlining the following site specific information:

  • Addresses

  • Zoning

  • Size in acres

  • Utilities available at the site, including: Electric, Gas, Water

  • Fiber optic cable

  • Waste water

  • Distance to nearest airport

  • Property contact – the local econ dev organization

  • Property line

3. Voice-Over Narration:

  • The primary use of V/O will be to guide the viewer through the video site visits providing additional information supporting the graphics.

  • V/O scripts will be written with assistance from Idaho Power


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2. Project Timeline



1. PRE-PRODUCTION: Est. 2-3 weeks.

During this portion of the process we will be planning and developing your project. We will create shot lists, scout locations (if possible), write scripts, gather and submit voice actor demos for your approval, obtain necessary permissions from Air Traffic Control in designated areas, schedule production dates, book our crew lodging, and coordinate with you to make sure everything is ready for a smooth production. 


2. PRODUCTION: Est. 5-6 days on location.

Our crew will travel to each site destination and shoot aerial video corresponding with the shot lists we created during pre-production. Our crew will consist of 3 crew members: Director/Pilot, Cinematographer/Pilot, and Production Assistant. Both drone pilots are licensed by the FAA to operate drones.  

3. POST-PRODUCTION: Est. 6-8 weeks.

Once we are finished with production, we will begin our post production process. This includes video editing, coloring, audio/sound design, V/O recording, Motion graphics, Client revision process, Finalization, and Delivery.




Idaho Power is anticipating a more lengthy revision process for the first site video produced in order to ensure the graphic package created for the videos is accurate and to all parties' desired specifications. REDFOX VISUAL will allot additional time for the graphics portion of post production for the first site video. Knowing that once the graphics have been dialed in perfectly for the first site video, REDFOX VISUAL will reduce time needed for post production on remaining videos. An estimated amount of hours for post production will be provided to Idaho Power upfront. If the estimated amount of hours for post production is exceeded by more than 10%, an hourly rate of $75 will be incurred for additional post production hours.

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At REDFOX VISUAL, we do 3 things... and we do them REALLY well...


When we opened our doors in 2014 THIS was the only service we offered, and it continues to be one of our core services today. We produce anything from TV commercials, web promos, and corporate videos, to brand films, sizzle reels, and training videos. You name it, we do it! Video continues to be the #1 most effective way to market and promote your business. Marketing experts across the globe are calling video the "Ultimate Marketing Tool" because of its remarkable ability to engage audiences, drive lead conversion, and boost sales. Video is also the most cost effective form of advertising! Because it produces more conversions than any other type of content, video will produce a higher ROI which will directly impact your bottom line.


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Fisher’s Technology has had the pleasure of working with REDFOX VISUAL over the past few years. Fisher’s highly recommends their video services because they excel in the following areas: Manage the project from start to finish, Ask proactive questions, Provide great ideas, Give clear direction, Deliver top quality videos, And are always professional and fun.
— Haley Grigsby - Marketing Director, Fisher's Technology
We will continue to utilize the REDFOX team to produce content for both our public and private websites. Our experience with them was outstanding. Additionally the video quality and end result far surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend REDFOX VISUAL to anyone looking for amazing quality and the best service.
— Ryan Jennings - Sr. Project Manager, Hayden Homes
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4. Relevant Content 


The following videos have been specifically curated for Idaho Power to view. Though they might not reflect the exact nature of the project proposed, they display our capabilities in reference to drone cinematography.


We will be using the DJI INSPIRE 2 drone to shoot your videos. This drone is the latest and greatest piece of equipment in the aerial cinematography industry. Not only does it have the ability to travel up to 4.5 miles, it allows for dual operators so our crew can have one pilot manning the aircraft while the other pilot shoots the video.

While in the air, the INSPIRE 2's landing gear raises for complete 360 degree movement for the high resolution camera. The camera is mounted to the aircraft using state-of-the-art stabilization technology which ensures buttery smooth footage in even the harshest winds.

The interchangeable-lens camera mounted to the aircraft is the Zenmuse X5S which was made specifically for the INSPIRE 2. It has the ability to shoot up to 5K resolution video in RAW format, giving us the most flexibility in post production to make the footage look its best. The DJI INSPIRE 2, Zenmuse X5S, and REDFOX VISUAL pilots, cinematographers, and editors gives you the ultimate video quality package!

For post production we will be using the Adobe Creative Suite. This includes programs like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition. The Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard for video editing, coloring, visual effects, and audio mastering and our editors have 15+ years of experience working with Adobe softwares for video post production.

5. Our Process


You are here! Once we discover your specific needs we present you with an in depth project proposal outlining the details of each aspect of your project. We'll also provide you with investment information regarding monthly cost (if applicable) and the upfront cost of any deliverable creative assets.


Once you have accepted the project proposal we will provide you with our client services contract. This is a SUPER boring document that basically says "we promise to do this creative work for you and you promise to pay us for it" but in legal speech using WAY more words... This document is signed by all parties involved before we proceed.


After the contracts are signed by everyone we collect your initial deposit. The first deposit is for 50% of the total proposed amount. This deposit is required before we proceed with your project.


OK this is the fun part! Now we start producing your video, or designing and building your slick new website, or creating your brand identity, or maybe all of the above! This is where all the creative magic happens.


When we are finished with the creative process, the revision process, and everything has been fully approved by you, it's time to deliver your masterpiece to you. This is where we send you the full HD video files for your video, or deliver your finished photos, or switch your website live, or all of the above! Before we send you the goods we will collect the remaining 50% balance on your invoice. Then your inbox will explode with creative awesomeness (a.k.a the final delivery of your project).

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6. Production Investment


Development / Conceptualizing
Shot mapping / Shot list creation
Script writing
V/O selection



Filming for 6 video project:
5-6 days on location
Production crew: Director/Pilot, DP/Pilot, PA
Production equipment



140 total hours of post production for videos to include:
35hrs allocated to 1st video
21hrs per video allocated for remaining 5 videos
Color grading
Motion graphics (graphic overlays)
Commercially licensed music (6 tracks)
Rendering / finalizing
Client revision process
Delivery of full HD video files



Studio quality voice over by a professional voice actor



Travel expenses for 3 crew members




Volume Pricing = $5,541 per video.

7. Next Steps

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your consideration on this video project. We strive for beneficial, long-lasting relationships with our clients and see incredible potential in a partnership between Idaho Power and REDFOX VISUAL. We are also thankful for the opportunity to have a hand in moving economic development forward for the great state of Idaho with these site map videos!

Please take the time you need with your team to go over this project proposal. We are open and available for any questions, concerns, or requests you may have so please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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